The history and sinking of the titanic

The White Star Line had spared no expense in assuring her luxury. The Washington Post announces the disaster She was touted as the safest ship ever built, so safe that she carried only 20 lifeboats - enough to provide accommodation for only half her 2, passengers and crew. Additionally, lifeboats took up valuable deck space. Four days into her journey, at

The history and sinking of the titanic

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Titanic Titanic is perhaps the most iconic ship in history, its tragic story known the world over. The most celebrated ocean liner of its time even before it first sailed, Titanic was an incredible feat of engineering and ambition.

Its maiden voyage ended in tragedy when it struck an iceberg and sank, killing more than 1, passengers and crew. From its construction in Belfast, through its dramatic sinking to the discovery of the wreck, it is a story that continues to capture the public imagination.

Sinking of the RMS Titanic - Wikipedia

Titanic on its arrival at Queenstown now Cobh harbour, 11 April Davidsons More information about: Construction began on the first of these great ships, Olympic, on 16 December Work on Titanic started soon after, on 31 March These magnificent vessels were the industrial marvels of their age and Titanic was to be the biggest, fastest and most luxurious liner yet.

After just three years, Titanic was finished - a floating city, ready to set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. On board was a collection of passengers comprising millionaires, silent movie stars, school teachers and emigrants, in search of a better life in the United States.

By the fifth day of its journey, Titanic was making swift progress across the Atlantic. Although Captain Edward Smith had plotted a new course upon hearing earlier reports of ice from other liners, there were many more communications that day of ice in Titanic's path.

On the night of Sunday 14 Aprilthe sea was flat calm, the sky clear and moonless, and the temperature was dropping towards freezing.

In such conditions, sea ice is very hard to spot. Upon inspecting the damage, Titanic's chief naval architect Thomas Andrews said to Captain Smith that the ship would certainly sink.

The Sinking Of The Titanic

Six of the watertight compartments at the front of the ship's hull were breached, five of them flooding within the hour. Titanic was designed to stay afloat with only four compartments flooded.

Less than three hours later Titanic lay at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, nearly four kilometres down. The sinking of Titanic claimed more than 1, lives. For many, the tragic fate that befell Titanic would come to mark the passing of the opulence of the Edwardian era and foreshadowed the global tragedy of World War One.

The story captured the public imagination across the world, spawning countless books, films, plays, memorials, museums and exhibitions. The discovery of the wreck by oceanographer Robert Ballard on a Franco-American expedition in gave rise to a fresh wave of interest that continues to this day.Titanic: Titanic, British luxury passenger liner that sank on April 14–15, , during its maiden voyage, en route to New York City from Southampton, England, killing about 1, people.

Three people killed, hundreds injured in Boston Marathon bombing Background Titanic on her sea trials2 April At the time of her entry into service on 2 AprilRoyal Mail Ship RMS Titanic was the second of three [b] Olympic-class ocean liner sister shipsand was the largest ship in the world.

One of the most famous tragedies in modern history, it inspired numerous works of art and has been the subject of much scholarship.

Titanic - The story of the Sinking of the Titanic from thenews stories of the days and weeks after the disaster. This book brings to life some of the very best writing aboutthe story of the Titanic, from the newspapers of the day, both in England andAmerica/5().

Titanic ' s sinking has become a cultural phenomenon, commemorated by artists, film-makers, writers, composers, musicians and dancers from the time immediately after the sinking to the present day.

Titanic is perhaps the most iconic ship in history, its tragic story known the world over. The most celebrated ocean liner of its time even before it first sailed, Titanic was an incredible feat.

Apr 14,  · The RMS Titanic was a British luxury ocean liner that struck an iceberg and sank on the night of April 14th, , killing over 1, people.

The history and sinking of the titanic

The story and t. A collection of articles related to the Titanic. The Titanic: Passengers, Crew, Sinking, and Survivors The Titanic was a luxury vessel .

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