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General Trujillo, with whom Urena had previously made an arrangement, held his troops back as the revolution unfolded, maintaining his neutrality. Visit Website Within months of taking over the presidency, the capital city of Santo Domingo was virtually destroyed and 2, people were killed by a hurricane that ripped through the Dominican Republic in early September.

Rafael trujillo

The dictatorship of Trujillo —61 was one of the longest, cruelest, and most absolute in modern times. Trujillo maintained complete control of the military, appointed family members to key offices, strictly enforced censorship and conformity laws, and ordered the murder of political opponents… Trujillo entered the Dominican army in and was trained by U.

Marines during the U. He rose from lieutenant to commanding colonel of the national Rafael trujillo between andbecoming a general in Trujillo seized power in the military revolt against Pres.

From that time until his assassination 31 years later, Trujillo remained in absolute control of the Dominican Republic through his command of the army, by placing family members in office, and by having many of his political opponents murdered.

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He served officially as president from to and again from to Competent in business, capable in administration, and ruthless in politics, Trujillo brought a degree of peace and prosperity to the republic that it had not previously enjoyed.

However, the benefits of economic modernization were inequitably distributed in favour of Trujillo and his favourites and supporters. Moreover, the people of the country paid for the prosperity with the loss of their civil and political liberties.

Haitians living in the Dominican Republic suffered acutely. Trujillo encouraged anti-Haitian prejudice among Dominicans, and in he ordered the massacre of thousands of Haitian migrants.

In spite of the harsh measures that Trujillo took to protect his power, domestic opposition continued to grow during the later years of his regime, and he also came under considerable foreign pressure to liberalize his rule. Many of the supposed assassins, including Gen.

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On May 30, , a hail of bullets ended the life of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, known to his countrymen as The Goat for his many revolting excesses.

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina (* Oktober in San Cristóbal; † Mai in Santo Domingo) war ein dominikanischer Politiker und Diktator der Dominikanischen Republik. The Holocaust: Dominican Republic as Haven for Jewish Refugees by Lauren Levy.

Trujillo avant son arrivée au pouvoir () Famille et premières années () Son père, José Trujillo Valdez, est un petit commerçant d'ascendance canarienne ; sa mère, Altagracia Julia Molina Chevalier, qui est plus tard surnommée Mamá Julia est la fille d'un paysan dominicain.

Le grand-père maternel de cette dernière est un officier haïtien arrivé dans le pays lors.

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Early life Edit. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina was born in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic to José (Pepito) Trujillo Valdez, and Altagracia Julia Molina Chevalier, later known as Mamá Julia, of Haitian ancestry.

He was the third of eleven children. He also had a brother, Luis-Rafael-Nene (21 January – 14 August ), who was raised in the home of Trujillo initiativeblog.comed by: Rafael Estrella Urena (acting).

Rafael trujillo

Rafael Joaquín Trujillo Villar (born 14 December in La Línea de la Concepción, Cádiz) is a Spanish sailor of the Finn class and Olympic medalist. He won the Finn Gold Cup once and competed in four straight Olympic Games, winning a silver medal in Athens He sailed with +39 Challenge in the Louis Vuitton Cup..

Rafael trujillo

Trujillo was also part of the Mapfre yacht in the –15 Volvo.

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