Exploratory essay on the death penalty

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Exploratory essay on the death penalty

Death penalty started long ago in the history of England, when people died due to petty mistakes of pick pocketing. In the old times, the death sentence accomplishment was through crucifixion, drowning, impaling, stoning, beheading and burning at the stake.

However, the capital punishment practiced today is done through the usage of lethal gases or injection of it, hanging, shooting or even electrocution. However, the capital punishment has become the most controversial punishment by law in the recent times. The Role of the Capital Punishment in Crime Prevention and Reduction Other forms of the criminal punishment that refers to the corporal punishment are recently getting off judicial systems as people consider them uncivilized as well as unnecessary.

Although actions of imprisonment as well as fines have a positive impact on the control of crime, the capital punishment procedure also plays a vital role in terms of crime prevention and reduction.

However, about 80 countries in the world have abolished the capital punishment from their judicial systems, claiming that it did not assist in any way in controlling criminal activities, but was an act of brutality and less concern on human life.

Most of the countries that abolished this form of punishment included the developed countries. On the other hand, most of those that retained the capital punishment included the developing countries.

The United States and the federal governments consider and provide the capital punishment; thus, from 50 to 75 capital punishments occur in the United States each year. The capital punishment is a morally just action that fits the world today. The capital punishment acts as a deterrent for illegal activities as it asks citizens of a country to follow legal activities, rather than engage themselves in criminal activities that would finally lead them to the death penalty.

It is an argument that there is a moral justice to kill someone, who caused the murder of another person. In addition, the capital punishment is a prevention of the criminal activities in the world today. There is a statistics in the countries that hold death sentences against criminals that shows that the capital punishment plays an essential part in reducing the number of crimes in these countries.

People are more unlikely to engage in criminal activities, since they would receive the total death sentence. The capital punishment prevents murders and is an act of just retribution. It involves the execution of the criminals of a state by the state itself for committing the crimes considered very serious against the law of the land.

The death penalty not only lowers the rate of murder cases, but is also considered to have a substantial value, since the retribution is alone a better reason for handling the death sentences.

Benefits of the Capital Punishment There is a support for the death penalty in the United States that rose to an average rate of 80 percent.

The figure is a little smaller as compared to that of Canada, whereby the support for the death penalty or the capital punishment stands at 72 percent for citizens, who are above the age of 18 years. From the observation of the many criminal activities that happen in many states of the world, it is clear that the world is a dark place to live in, and each person requires taking much caution as he or she lives in it.

The truth of the matter of crimes that happen around the world reveals itself in the news today through watching, reading newspapers of the current happenings, as well as articles and journals written by profound people of the world.

There is a commitment of crimes like murder, child molestation activities as well as kidnapping. There was a social contact theorist, known as Thomas Hobbes, who had a belief that life is always a state of nature and is a war of all the people against all.

He had a belief that the rule as well as regulations were substantially impertinent in the process of maintaining the order in the entire society of the world. Therefore, the capital punishment is crucial in maintaining the law and order in societies.

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Another significant aspect of the capital punishment is the fact that it helps people to follow the law. All the countries in the world have laws that they set as the milestones for their development procedures.

Therefore, when an individual fails to abide by the law, he or she is jeopardizing the life values of the entire country. For example, when Harris and Klebold committed the murder of 15 students in Columbine High School, they went against the law and disobeyed it.

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Therefore, they had no life values in society; hence, there was a need to lower their life values too. It is clear from this illustration that the life of the victim becomes most significant than that of the criminal.

Therefore, the capital punishment is an illustration that countries undertaking it have their laws and regulations that need to be followed. In addition, the capital punishment assists in reducing of the number of people in the prisons who have serious criminal records.initiativeblog.com Words Beginning With E / Words Starting with E Words whose second letter is E.

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Exploratory essay on the death penalty

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Honestly, I didn’t even know if the death penalty was still in force in Kentucky. Medical Dark Ages Quotes. By Wade Frazier.

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