Bachelor thesis augmented reality

Abstract In Augmented Reality applications it is important to have a good description of the surfaces of real objects if a consistent shading between real and virtual object is required. This thesis emphasizes on this topic as the thesis is a part of the RESHADE1 project whose aim is to deliver a scene of virtual and real objects mixed together where difference is not noticable for the viewer.

Bachelor thesis augmented reality

It has the potential to create new products and services,like visualizing future buildings or objects that will decorate a place, which creates new opportunities for applications in both the public and private sector.

Esser, Jimmy author The title of the thesis already give a way the challenge.


How can augmented human technology contribute to the way we ski in ? To find an answer on this question a possible view on the future of skiing and superhuman is created.

This future vision is used to come up with a game design for a revolving ski slope.

In the first part of The game was specifically redesigned Research into the integration of VR and AR into the architectural design process op de Beek, Robin author Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have the potential to enhance the capabilities of the architect.

This thesis explores the implications of the integration of these technologies intothe architectural design process. Supporting Intercultural Adaptation through Language Learning Marquez Alvarado, Guillermo author It is known that the distinctive relationship of the Millennial generation with technology has brought two icons of the current lifestyle, mobile phones and online social networks, which it is often considered as a badge of generational identity.

Bachelor thesis augmented reality

The accelerated rise of smart devices has enabled modern society to reach amazing levels of Augmented reality can be the ideal solution to update the tour. This report looks into the possibilities for adding this.

An investigation into the impact of lacking spatial information in Dutch infrastructure projects Rambaran, Amresh author This research project focuses on the impact of lacking spatial information in the execution phase of Dutch infrastructure projects.

In this research project, spatial information is defined as a combination of geometric and geographic object related information. Three construction projects have been examined through case studies and depth The proposed method enables offshore crew to look through the water with the use of augmented reality.

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To this end a real Point clouds are one such representation that are characterized by their simplicity and versatility making them suitable for real With the steadily increasing challenges of fuel prices, new technologies and competitive A marker is placed on the spot where the device needs to stand and then the application will show the VRabl, a multiplayer augmented reality sports game, stimulates players to be physically active, while providing similar aspects as video games.

It is based on the well-known and popular game dodgeball to reach out to a large possible player community and have[1] K. Lee, in Augmented Reality in Education and Training, [2] V.

Geroimenko, “Augmented reality technology and art: The analysis and visu- alization of evolving conceptual models,” in Information Visualisation (IV), 16th International Conference on, July , pp. – Bachelor / Master Thesis or Student Project Estimation of Uneven Projection Surfaces and Automated Projector Calibration We are currently looking for a Bachelor or Master Student (m/f) in Computer Science or Engineering to.

USING AUDITORY AUGMENTED REALITY TO UNDERSTAND VISUAL SCENES SCOTT STONE Bachelor of Science, University of Lethbridge, A Thesis Submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. My PhD thesis is titled Interactive 3D Modelling in Outdoor Augmented Reality Worlds, and was performed at the Wearable Computer Lab, School of Computer and Information Science, at the University of South Australia.

I invite you to read a copy of my thesis, which is available from this web page. Bachelor thesis / IDP: Skeleton Animation for an Augmented Reality Magic Mirror. Thesis by: Advisor: Nassir Navab Supervision by: Ma Meng Due date: now. We have previously shown an augmented reality (AR) magic mirror.

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