A biography of donald knuth

View moreless Facts of Donald Knuth Donald is a married man and he is married to Jill Knuth, however, there is no more information about when he was married and how many children he has. There is also no more information about his extra marital affairs and the case of these sweet couple getting divorced. Inhe was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A biography of donald knuth

Donald's father Ervin was a school teacher who taught in a Lutheran school. He played a very important role in determining Donald's interests, and it was through his father that that Donald gained his love for education, music, and mathematics. Ervin played the church A biography of donald knuth at the Sunday church services and Donald soon became a passionate lover of the organ.

Donald attended Lutheran schools and from the special emphasis that was placed on English grammar in these schools came Knuth's love of investigating sentence structure. His fascination with this in his first couple of years of secondary school would lead naturally towards writing computer code when he eventually encountered computers, but this did not happen until after his school education was complete.

During these first years at secondary school there were other signs of where Knuth's interests would eventually lead. One episode, repeated in most biographies of Knuth but still worth repeating in this one, concerns "Ziegler's Giant Bar.

The aim was to see how many words could be made with the letters of "Ziegler's Giant Bar" and for the schoolboy Knuth this was exactly the sort of challenge that he loved. He spent two weeks during which he pretended to be ill and, using a dictionary, he came up with words.

The judges for the competition had only found and Knuth was an easy winner. He commented afterwards that had he thought to use the apostrophe he could have found many more!

A biography of donald knuth

His school benefited by receiving a television set as a prize. At high school Knuth's interests were more directed towards music than they were to mathematics.

His musical interests involved both playing and composing music and he decided at that stage that he would study music after graduating from high school. Knuth played the saxophone, and later the tuba, in his school band.

A biography of donald knuth

Although he spent much time with his musical interests, Knuth most certainly did not neglect his other school subjects. He graduated from High School in with the highest grade point average that anyone had ever achieved at his school.

At school he had begun to show an interest in mathematics and he amused himself by trying to visualise surfaces in several dimensions by plotting the graphs obtained by keeping all but one of the variables fixed. This is an excellent way to understand mathematical functions and today with the aid of computers this, and more sophisticated techniques, can quickly give students a deep understanding.

However Knuth had to plot his graphs by doing hand calculations for every value which he plotted, showing the same sort of dedication to putting hours of work into problems that he had shown with the "Ziegler's Giant Bar" competition. One might have thought that his teachers would have believed that he could succeed at college in almost any subject he chose given his outstanding school performance, but this was not really so.

The problem was that Knuth did not believe in himself at this stage in his life and so his teachers doubted whether he had the personality, in particular the confidence, to succeed. It shows how undecided Knuth was about the direction his studies might take that when offered a scholarship to Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio, to study physics he accepted despite his previous intentions to study music.

He entered the physics course at the Case Institute in September There were really two reasons why, from his second year on, Knuth started to move towards mathematics and away from physics. One day when Knuth was meant to be performing with the College band he missed the bus taking the band to the performance so, finding himself with free time, he tried to solve a challenge problem that one of his mathematics professors had set.

Solving it earned Knuth an automatic "A" in that class and also the right sort of boost he needed to think that perhaps mathematics rather than physics was for him. Secondly he found that physics practicals did not suit him, so in the end the move towards mathematics became a natural one to make.

In fact Knuth already had his first encounter with computers in his first year at Case before he made the move towards mathematics. He had to use the IBM and consulted the manual to find out how to write programs [ 1 ]: So I thought I might have some talent. Knuth used his growing expertise at writing computer programs to produce one in to analyse the performance of the College basketball team.

It led to some publicity and IBM used a photograph of Knuth in their advertising. One might have expected that events would begin to help him overcome his inferiority complex but he still felt that he was not up to standard.

This had the effect of making him put in large amounts of extra work at his academic studies. The result was that when he graduated with his B. It is a real achievement to publish a mathematics paper while still a doctoral student, but Knuth managed to publish two papers in the year he completed his undergraduate degree.

These were An imaginary number system and On methods of constructing sets of mutually orthogonal Latin squares using a computer I the latter paper being written jointly with R C Bose and I M Chakravarti.Donald Knuth biography, married, wife, jill knuth, education, awards, algorithms, net worth | Donald Knuth was born in the Milwaukee and attended Milwaukee Lutheran High school for his education.

Complete Donald Knuth Biography. Donald Knuth Family, Childhood, Life Achievements, Facts, Wiki and Bio of Donald Knuth Biography, know personal life, childhood, born, age, birthplace. Know Life before famous. Knuth is a name of Nordic initiativeblog.com may refer to. As a surname. Donald Knuth, American computer scientist; whence.

The Art of Computer Programming, often referred to by the author's name.

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Biography Cover, The Art of Computer Programming, Donald Knuth was born in in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and holds a B.S. and M.S.

in mathematics . Donald Ervin Knuth: Donald Ervin Knuth, American mathematician and computer scientist. Knuth earned a doctorate in mathematics in from the California Institute of Technology.

A pioneer in computer science, he took time out during the s from writing his .

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